Identifying other works used in writing  using proper documentation that is appropriate for the genre is important for a writer to do. Writers introduce their sources along with using signal phrases, parenthetical citations, and a Works Cited page to identify sources in use. This is what marks boundaries with ones own work and the work of others.

This artifact is the citation from the Final Draft of my Cross Country Discourse essay. Using proper citation format of MLA style I cited the works of James Paul Gee, Deborah Brandt, and Lisa Delpit, whose work I use throughout my entire essay.

Works Cited

Delpit, Lisa. “The politics of teaching literate discourse.” Freedom’s plough: Teaching in the multicultural classroom (1993): 285-295.

Brandt, Deborah. “Sponsors of literacy.” College Composition and Communication 49.2 (1998): 165-185.

Gee, James Paul. An introduction to discourse analysis: Theory and method. Routledge, 2014.

In this works cited I tried to cite my sources using the proper MLA format. One improvement I would make would be to add citations of the artifacts I used in the Paper.

This artifact is and example of an in text citation I used trying to use the proper MLA format to give credit and a reference for the reader to know which source the quote came from.

He explains this building task to be “things, we need to use language to render them significant or to lessen their significance, to signal to others how we view their significance.”(Gee 32)

Along with the index citation I also used a signal phrase to introduce the quote.