James Paul Gee


Was born in 1948 in California. He received his bachelor’s from the University of California. From there on he went to Stanford  and obtained his doctorate in linguistics. His career focused on theoretical linguistics. Linguistics is the study of language. His focus was on the the behavior, values, customs, and cultures and how they in turn influenced how language worked.

He focused a lot on Discourses. With a big D which relates more to the overall of language. Discourse is the social practices within specific groups or communities. While discourse focuses more on “connected stretches of language.”

Currently he is working at Arizona State University, there he is continuing his work on linguistics. He has worked for over a decade on the integrated parts of language. He believed that literacy was more than reading and writing. That it was also a social experience. That people unconsciously learned the mannerisms that went along with the situation and work place. How peers as well as what we read would influence us in how we acted as well.

He focused a lot on video games in his works. He looked at their learning principles and how they motivated players.

Co-Written by

Ian Miller, Caliann Wood, and Blake Beverage