Writing involves advancing ones own ideas, but also involves merging your ideas with the ideas and work of others. Engaging with used sources involves the practice of quoting and paraphrasing others ideas to strengthen, and support your own. These practices also can be used to object ones ideas. Engaging in a conversation with sources is one step to becoming a better writer.

This is a section from my easy that I used Alexanders paper as a source to help support my ideas about literacy narratives. I used some of the main definitions and concepts of her paper to give the reader an understanding of my ideas and give my reasoning for my thoughts.

Alexander brought up the concept of master narratives which is defined in the paper as “Master narratives as limiting because of their normative, institutionalized, legitimizing, and canonical tendencies.” What Alexander is trying to say is that master narratives are like the framework for all narratives. After reviewing the essays done by her students she was able to point out that the master narratives in the literacy narratives were success stories. When I was going through the narratives before reading Alexander I thought most of the stories as victim stories. Alexander though defines a success story as “improving reading and writing invokes optimistic and future looking rhetoric”(615). With this part of the definition I noticed most of the narratives that I thought were victim narratives had a positive ending looking at the future in a hopeful way. My initial thought was that these stories could be both victim and success narratives. The more I got to think about it though the majority of them were like this. While rereading her description of master narratives as a framework or basis for all the narratives the thought of the master narrative success story might have been forced into the endings of their essays. If the stress of the success story is the only reason it made its way into these narratives that means the narratives were just victim narratives. Whether the optimistic hopeful ending were forced by the stress of the master narrative of the success or if they were genuine there was a clear struggle in the transition from literacy at home to literacy at school.

In this section of my easy I used a quote from Alexanders paper about the concept of master narratives. I thought this quote would help the reader understand what a master narrative was and provide a reasoning for my thought on the effect the stress of a master narrative can have on little narratives.

In my easy I wanted to provide evidence of what I was reading int the narratives. I also wanted to connect that evidence to what I was finding in the papers of Gee. This quote I used was from one of the narratives I read  and  provide evidence to what I was telling the reader I was finding.

 “At Cheverus, I found that they did not have the support I needed. I was getting buried in homework. There were no classes available beneath a college prep course.”

This quote help my bring evidence to the reader for the connections I was making with Gee in the paper. It gave a sense of how what I was saying about Discourse pretended to the narratives I was reading.