” In Gee’s paper he explains a non dominant discourse to be a discourse that “brings solidarity with a particular social network”. What he is saying is that non dominant discourses allow a person to build relationships among their social groups. Gee also talks about dominant discourses and their benefits that they can bring in comparison to non dominant ones. In a dominant discourse Gee claims that they can be used to acquire “social goods” things such as money, prestige, and status.” – Analysis of Gee’s quote from Dead Poets Society Discourse post. 

“I would like to think Delpit would agree with Keating while watching this scene basing off what she writes in her paper. In one of her examples to disprove Gee’s thoughts on conflicting discourses she writes about a graduate student who does not know how to write to the academic standards of a graduate student, but is taught by Susan another graduate student who has already mastered the discourse. Although Delpit is not directly talking about non dominant discourses in her example the relationship or non dominant discourse is important between Susan and Marge in order for Marge to acquire the discourse of academic writing at that level. I think Delpit would agree that this is what Keating is trying to do with his students form a good relationship with them so he can connect and help his students better learn.” Connecting Delpits ideas of Discourse with mine from Dead Poets Society Discourse post.

“Her reaction to this conversation between the ornithologist and her grandmother seems to be uncomfortable for her especially when the scientist asks her if she knows about the white heron. It says in the story “Sylvia’s heart gave a wild beat; she knew that strange white bird, and had once stolen softly near where it stood in some bright green swamp grass, away over at the other side of the woods.” You can tell that she does not know what to think of the man’s actions with the birds because her heart gives a wild beat when he asked her if she knew about the bird. She does know about the bird but is confused with his intentions to kill it. This is exactly why her heart beats wildly. ” Analysis of a quote in a short story to support my ideas.


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