The ultimate goal for getting a higher education is to be prepared for the next step. For most people that is being prepared to start a successful career. A higher education should be challenging and make the student think in new ways bringing them outside their comfort zone.  Students should be prepared not only for their specific field for their career but given an all around better understanding of the world we live in to give them the best preparation for whatever could be faced on the next step.

A passage written about higher education by Ronald Barnett talks about how higher education should be difficult and not an easy experience to help better prepare a student for the next step. He says things about higher education such as “should not be a cozy experience” and  “the student comes to see that things could always be other than they are” . What he is saying in these quotes and in his passage is that higher education should teach you to think in more ways than one to challenge the student think in ways they are not accustomed to. That there is more than one solution to a problem. This kind of critical thinking is what you need to be ready for the next step and is what higher education is all about.   

In another passage written by Martha Nussbaum which talks about higher education in the United States  goes on to explain unlike most nations the United States has liberal arts colleges so students take a wide range of classes. This is good and goes along with what Barnett was saying in his passage that students should be more well rounded and put people out of subjects where they feel comfortable. Nussbaum also said in the passage “education is not just about the passive assimilation of facts and cultural traditions, but about challenging the mind to become active”. This mean classes should be active and students should be engaged in classes to challenge themselves and their minds. This is what barnett meant by saying that higher education should not be cozy but instead difficult.

In my personal experience so far with higher education it has not been easy. I have already been challenge to think in ways I haven’t before engaging in group discussions with people that have entirely different backgrounds from my own. I am taking a variety of different classes too some that I strive in and have been comfortable with in the past, some that I have taken in the past but struggle in, and some courses that are entirely new to me. All of which I have met challenges in showing  Barnett’s ideas about higher education being difficult to be right. With the variety of classes I am taking too it reflects the ideas of Nussbaum and getting a well rounded education. So far I can tell college will not be an easy road to travel but that is good because Know that it is preparing me for a career afterwards.

Education will not be easy and there will be many challenges. The reason people get an education though is to gain skills and knowledge to be able to apply it to something like a career. For me I want my high education path to be challenging and difficult. That way I can grow learn from it and become successful.