The Discourse I chose to discuss in my paper was the Discourse of being a cross-country runner. Trying to find  artifacts to use in my paper I went to Mile Split a website that I know a lot of runners go to so they can check their times and the times of their opponents. The website also does a lot of articles on running too. I ended up finding a article where a collective group of cross country runners talked about what the sport was to them and what it is like to be on a cross country runner. While reading the article I was able to relate with what they were saying and felt confident they were fluent members of the Discourse like I am. One quote from the article was “Cross Country is the entire varsity team going bonkers as the slowest kid on the JV team stumbles through the finish line to record a new PR.” I feel that this artifact I will be able to use to provide evidence of the the important values displayed by a cross country runner like sportsmanship  and team.  Another quote I found was “Cross Country is kids who are thought to be some of the smartest students in class — until you sit next to them on a three-hour bus ride.” I liked this quote because It can provide some aspect of what being on a cross country team can be like if the fact we joke around a lot, but also the importance of school work. There are more quotes in the article that I feel would provide more evidence of what I plan to talk about in my paper.