Integrating sources and other peoples work was a huge struggle for becoming in to college. While I still have many steps to make in becoming better at this skill this assignment has given me more practice and knowledge about the skill. One of the things I learned was when to paraphrase and when to quote someone. If  what I was pulling from the other persons work was something I thought the reader needed to know  but was not the a main point to my paper I would paraphrase. If what I was using was a main point and I wanted the reader to focus on it I would quote. Sources in this paper help me explain and get the reader to understand my points in my paper.

While doing this assignment I found out just how imposing Master narratives can be. I saw this in some of the essays I read where it seemed to me the pressure of the success narrative force positive optimistic endings for what were mostly negative victim stories. I thought that this was  interesting and should be considered when reading narratives.  The conflict in discourse between peoples literacy at home and in school also was another thing I learned the influence views on literacy for people. Overall though I learned Literacy is a complex topic that everyone experiences differently.