In Alexanders paper she researchers literacy narratives and other works on literacy narratives to try to answer her questions that she has about them. She brings up the concepts of master narratives which are the types of literacy narratives that are most common among people and little narratives are types literacy narratives that are not as common as the master narratives.  In her paper she wonders what types of literacy narratives are the little narratives and how do they compare to the master narratives. She also wonders do little narratives vary because of things like demographics, race, class, and gender. She has a group of students put together that are from diverse backgrounds and has them each write a literacy narrative. She compares them and finds that success literacy narratives were the master narrative. She also concluded that demographics, gender, race, and class did not play much of a role in their stories. She determined the types of little narratives too the most common being the victim narrative. When reading the paper I was comparing her findings with the ones I have been making while reading the rising Carin essays . The largest difference I noticed was that the narratives I have been reading seem to be victim narratives which in her findings is a little narrative. The definitions she writes for the types of narratives she found though where helpful for me though trying to understand and categorize the essays I am reading.