The personal needs of people can drive their actions and attitudes towards things. Going through some of the literacy narratives I could spot some of the personal needs of the authors. This gave me a more clear understanding on why some of them precise writing a reading the way they do. In the literacy narrative The Only Time I Enjoyed Reading the author had a clear need for intellectual stimulation. In the story the narrator was grounded and only had reading to pass the time and meet his personal need for intellectual stimulation ” So what felt like a half an hour turned into 3 hours without me knowing; it helped pass the time of my grounding.”. I also felt the narrator had a personal need for freedom and reading was a tool for him to get that again “I handed them back to my mom and she told me because I had no trouble within that time that I could be ungrounded a month early.”.  In another literacy narrative Sophomore Year from Hell The narrator has a personal need for drama in the begging of the story. I could tell that she had this need for drama when she talked about a teacher she disliked and that she would not do any of her assignments “The only problem with that was a certain self righteous teacher, that made her students call her Dr. Lane, which I refused to do. So, Mrs. Lane did not like that I wouldn’t participate in class, or do homework that she assigned every single day! But I didn’t care about any of that”.  The story shifts though with the narrators opinion of the teacher to a need of harmony with the teacher to pass the class “I am now thankful that she made me work so hard to pass.”