After Reading ten Literacy Narratives on Rising Cairn I noticed some similarities in all the papers. Every paper  that I read talked about their experiences with reading and writing in school. Some of these were positive experiences and some were negative. Regardless of the experience I took notice that school especially in the lower grades plays an important role in a persons experiences with reading and writing and their views on the subjects. I also saw a lot of positive experiences with reading and writing in the household environment instead of a school environment. Most of the time when I read about someones experiences at home compared to at school they were much more comfortable at home and deemed to enjoy it more. Teachers was another factor that I saw reading the stories that played a big role in the devilment of someone personal literary experience. It was really interesting how just one person could have such a strong impact on a persons experience causing them to either love it or hate it. It made me wonder and wan to ask some of the writers why these relation ships meant so much to them. It was clear to see from reading these stories that the education system and a persons experience going through it was key to their relationship with reading and writing.